Friday, February 26, 2010

One final nap with grandpa

Tomorrow little Miss Nova will be joining Hunter in Canada. Hunter has told us that his Canadian home is absolutely wonderful and they are willing to open their hearts and home to another one of our puppies. Nova and Hunter are the two most similar pups we have - and how special it's going to be to have them living under one roof again! Nova had a big day today, getting her pre-boarder crossing check up, rabies shot, shopping for a new collar & leash and then a trip to my office. When she got home she had to take one last nap with her grandpa.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lock down

This has been a bad week to be a puppy at our house. Sunday I sprayed the gravel around our shop with sterilant. To ensure the babies don't get sick by either picking up the chemicals on their paws and licking them; or by eating straw, etc. that was sprayed with the chemical. So they've been safe, but not very happy about the situation. We've had some pretty warm days around here and a bit of sunshine, so now all the kids are wound up beyond belief!! Anyone coming to our house this week needs to BEWARE ~ WILD PUPPIES LIVE HERE!!! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monty goes to the meeting

Tonight was our monthly Kennel Club meeting which dogs are invited to attend. Seeing Monty has only been in a vehicle once, back when he was 6 weeks old and traveled to have his hearing test - but never since; nor has he ever met a dog that doesn't have spots, it was his turn to go on an adventure. The ride up was a bit shaky, he whined a bit but luckily had company on the back seat, one of Pam's Whippets went with us too. When we arrived at the meeting location we practiced walking on a leash (he's very athletic and was able to get some spectacular jumps in the air), then headed in the meeting room. Seeing Monty has always been the quite one in the group, I expected him to be shy and even timid with all the strangers and strange dogs. What a wonderful surprise when he never showed an ounce of being scared, timid or shy! He LOVED everyone and everything. His tail was just a wagging the entire time. He met lots of friendly people, men and women; as well as a Beagle named Abby, another whippet, a papillion named Jazz, and one REALLY HUGE Doberman. Monty acted as if he'd been meeting stangers every day of his life. We received many complements reguarding his lovely temperment and what a charming young man he is. Good boy Monty!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Indy & Dixie hit the snow

After visiting 'grandmas' house, these two lucky dogs got to head up to the mountains for some fun with their pop. Luckily he found someone to pull his truck out after getting stuck 'off roading' in all this fun white stuff!