Sunday, October 4, 2009

Full bellies and a nice nap

The pups have been just a little bit on the thin side, so today they received their first solid meal. They dug right in as soon as we sat the bowel in their pen, as if they've been eating puppy chow for days. After their meal they were all very happy to take a nice long nap.
Once the pups woke up they had the full treatment: weighed, examined, nails clipped, hearing checked and wormed. I'm happy to report that all pups have brown eyes (no blues), all have complete eye trim, only a couple are missing a bit of nose trim, and all showed signs that they hear in both ears. This was also the first time I've got to see them in the daylight since they developed their spots ~ I was able to confirm this litter is 100% liver spotted babies. Although this is statistically not likely, it can happen (and has). We've been going back and forth on a few of them, hoping they were black spotted as I originally thought when born, but today in the daylight it was clear that they are all livers.

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